Anti-Corruption Training

Practical insights on how to limit your company’s anti-corruption exposure 


Take aways

In recent years, the Danish courts have tried more cases concerning the Danish legal framework for corruption and bribery and the reach of international anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws is ever increasing.

Violation of anti-corruption laws carry serious financial consequences, criminal consequences for individuals, and the reputational damage for companies can be unfathomable. In the modern-day business climate, companies and their leadership must therefore understand not only the laws of the countries in which they are headquartered, but also the equivalent laws of the countries in which they operate.  


This course will provide a thorough introduction to the most important rules within anti-corruption and will touch upon both Danish and international legislation relevant for companies with business activities abroad. The course is designed as a training to enable you as a legal representative of a company or as a manager to have a fundamental understanding of key corruption risks and how they can occur in business dealings with both customers and external business partners such as intermediaries or suppliers. 

Through interactive case studies, discussions of real company cases, as well as thorough practical overviews of legal restriction, you should leave the training with a basic toolbox and awareness to be able to identify possible corruption issues within your company pertaining to anti-corruption law. Any company of a certain size must have internal guidelines and programs in place to prevent corruption and to be able to demonstrate to its contractual business partners that the company can be trusted as a reliable business partner. 


Some of our take aways from the course is among other the following:

  • Understand the rules
  • Fundamental understanding of key corruption risks and how they can occur in business dealings
  • Identify and possible corruptions issues for our company
  • A basic toolbox


The course covers the following areas pertaining to anti-corruption issues:

  • Corruption definition and Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index 
  • Good business conduct – Code of Conduct 
  • Bribery
    o Interaction with public officials 
    o The Danish Penal Code (Straffeloven)
    o UK Bribery Act
    o American Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 
    o Facilitation payments
  • Practical handling of gifts and hospitalities
  • Handling of sponsorships
  • Cooperation with external business partners and third-party intermediaries 
  • Conflicts of interest 
  • EU Directive on Whistleblower Protection


Target Group

The course is intended for lawyers, legal counsels, and managers with a need to have an operational awareness of anti-corruption legislation and the general corruption risks that nearly all companies face.



Presentation material will handed out at the training, and you will get access to all relevant course material on JUC's online material page prior to the training.
No preparation is necessary to participate in this course. 


Kurset kan godkendes som obligatorisk efteruddannelse for advokater.



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onsdag d 1. juni 2022

Kl 09:30 - 16:00

Inkl. morgenmad og frokost

Vesterbrogade 4A
1620 København V

Pris Ekskl. Moms