Drafting International Contracts

The legal considerations of international contracts



13990 DKK.

Key take aways

The course provides a comprehensive overview of the legal considerations one has to make when dealing with the drafting and negotiation process of international contracts. Attending this course will enable you to take a more active role in the international contract negotiation and drafting process.


You will become familiar with the legal differences between various jurisdictions and will become more aware of the considerable impact these differences may have on any given international contract.

In addition, you will get a better understanding of the contract structure and the clauses used in international contacts. Finally, you will find yourself more familiar with the English terminology used in international contracts.



The course covers the following areas:

  • Introduction to international contract law
  • The pre-contractual phase in an international setting- including letters of Intent and non-disclosure agreements
  • Analysis of the contract structure and a selection of some of the most important contract clauses in international contracts:
    • Interpretation clauses
    • Limitation of liability and liquidated damages
    • Conformity of goods and services / best efforts
    • Penalty clauses
    • Force Majeure & hardship clauses
    • International dispute resolution

The course is very interactive and exist of many practical examples and exercises that the participants have to solve together. The teaching takes place in English.

Target group

The course is specifically designed for solicitors, legal counsels and lawyers that are (or will be) working internationally. In order to assure optimal interaction between the course participants, the maximum number of participants is 20. Participants need to be reasonably fluent in English.



The material will be provided online via JUC´s portal.