Managing Groups and Leading Teams Workshop – Lessons from Negotiation

  – A program taught by Senior Fellow Robert Bordone of Harvard Law School


This day-long workshop will introduce participants to the theory and practice of managing groups and facilitation. It is based on the course that Robert Bordone developed and taught at Harvard Law School that involved facilitation, process design, and leading groups and teams. But simply, you will receive world class learning from Harvard Law School and obtain a unique upgrade on your skills.

High-performing professionals, whether they be in law, business, government, healthcare, education, or non-profit sectors, are called upon to manage groups and lead teams. Most professionals find themselves working on matters that require groups of people to work together in order to solve problems, reach decisions, and resolve conflicts. This group work can include collaborating with colleagues, clients, customers, and lawyers to develop a complex business or legal strategy or coordinating with colleagues around duties and responsibilities. In many contexts, professionals find themselves working in groups to help them make decisions or improve internal processes for building consensus.

Others may find themselves working with community stakeholders, or local officials to increase understanding, resolve a dilemma, or re-build trust.  Alternately, a divisional head of a company may need to build consensus with department managers whose interests may not be well-aligned or the head of a department.

Despite these realities, few professionals in law or business have any formal training in how to manage groups or lead teams effectively. These skills include facilitation, understanding rules of decision, and coalition-building. It is the art and science of designing and running processes to help people work more creatively and effectively with each other.


A professional in law or business can be expected to spend at least 10,000 hours in meetings during their professional career. As a result of participating in the workshop, participants can expect to be more efficient during those meetings and:

  • To have a cognitive framework for understanding what facilitation is and how to design and run meetings, focus groups, and other group gatherings with purpose, poise, and success
  • To have a toolbox of specific strategies, skills, and interventions to help keep working groups purposeful and on-track
  • To have an improved individual understanding of one’s own strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, and preferences in managing group processes and facilitating teamwork
  • To have an opportunity to practice skills of facilitation and multiparty group management with others and to receive feedback from peers on what works and what could be improved. In particular, participants will have an opportunity to:
    • frame an opening
    • design an agenda for a meeting, including opening questions, follow-ups, and summaries
    • practice handling disruptive behaviors in a way that keeps a group on-track
  • To have tools for continued learning beyond the one-day workshop.

Target Group

The workshop is for professionals working in business, law, government, healthcare, education, and non-profits who find themselves leading groups and teams without any formal education or tools beside experience to assist them..



If you cancel after December 18, 2019, there will be a cancellation fee of DKK 2,500. Unsubscribing three weeks before the start is 50% of the course fee. If the cancellation occurs two weeks before the course is held, no refund will be paid.

The course can be approved as mandatory training for lawyers.

Extremely skilled teacher and a perfect variation between presentations and exercises. Robert Bordone was at a high professional level. One of the best courses I've attended. "

- Morten Wahl Liljenbøl, lawyer and associate partner, the Chamber Attorney.

Former course participant.


"Live teaching that kept participants' attention from start to finish."

- Claes Christensen, lawyer and partner, Bach Attorneys.

Former course participant.


"The two teachers were impressively talented intermediaries."

- Peter Balling Teisen, Senior Legal Counsel, Copenhagen Airport A / S.

Former course participant.


“Great teacher and good planning of the material. The course yielded a great benefit. ”

- Cathrine Benedikt Klange, Legal Counsel, Neas Energy.

Former course participant.

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Wednesday, March 18 2020

9 AM to 5 PM




Vesterbrogade 4A

1620 København V


Pris Ekskl. Moms



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