Zakiya Serguro

Zakiya Serguro

Managing Partner - Africa & Middle East hos Frank Partners

Zakiya Serguro has more than a decade of experience conducting risk assessments in emerging markets and has done so, almost exclusively, for Nordic clients in the last five years. As a compliance expert she has also advised Nordic companies on internal and external due diligence structures, risk mitigation, stakeholder analysis and investigations.

As a training expert, Zakiya developed Frank Partners’ unique due diligence research training programme for compliance teams in private companies to empower them to conduct their own internal due diligence at international best practice standard. As an anti-corruption advocate, Zakiya has provided independent, experienced insight at international conferences on the real ethical and corruption risks faced by Nordic companies and how they can best address these risks globally.

Aside from Frank Partners, Zakiya has previously worked at Kroll in South Africa, the UK and India in a risk consulting and compliance role. Prior to that, she worked in the banking industry and for a think tank specialising in Africa and Middle East policy.

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