Sanctions Compliance

Shipping, Trading & Financial Institutions - In depth 2-day course


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Sanctions have long been a key legal instrument used to advance US foreign policy objectives. The war in Ukraine has resulted in the EU also prioritizing sanctions. Increased geopolitical tensions beyond Russia signal that sanctions compliance is more acute than ever for companies engaged in international trade across all sectors, for example transport companies and financial institutions.

This course will equip you with the fundamental knowledge and tools necessary to identify and mitigate sanctions risks in your business. The goal is to build on your existing knowledge of EU and US sanctions so that you can adopt practical, risk-based measures to advance sanctions compliance in your organization. The course is open for everyone, but is tailored for those with some prior experience in sanctions. The related subjects of dual use and arms-related export controls will also be addressed.

The course is two full days, which will include focus on both the US and EU legal foundations of sanctions and export controls.


  • Critical knowledge of key themes of EU and US sanctions, including currently prioritized programs (e.g., Russia and China).
  • Foundational understanding of legal basis of EU and US sanctions.
  • Identification of sanctions violation risks and how to manage them.
  • Managing regulatory interaction in the event of suspected or alleged sanctions violations.
  • Effectively using sanctions compliance tools in your organization.
  • Understanding and interacting with financial institutions in the context of their regulatory obligations.



Day 1: Legal fundamentals of sanctions
  • Legal foundations of EU and US sanctions
    • Fundamentals of EU law
    • Understanding sanctions under US law

  • Role of regulators, their expectations and enforcement
    • European Union and its member states
    • United States

  • Breaches of sanctions
    • Intentional conduct and circumvention
    • Accidental breaches
    • Disclosure to authorities

Day 2: Practical application of sanctions compliance
  • Compliance in daily operations
    • Implementing a sanctions policy in your corporation
    • Contractual relations: sanctions clauses in various relationships
    • Dealing with financial institutions
    • Reporting on sanctions compliance, both internal and external

  • Specific topics
    • Withdrawing your business from high risk countries
    • Russia sanctions
    • Export controls: dual use, arms control and growing import controls
    • Getting licenses for otherwise illegal activity under US and EU (member state) law

  • Looking ahead
    • How to know what will come next - how to anticipate new sanctions regimes
    • What’s next: China sanctions?

Target Group

This is a specialized course for legal and compliance professionals such as legal counsels and compliance officers within diverse industries with international footprints including transport, shipping and trading companies and financial institutions.

Form of Teaching

The course is a mixture of presentations, case studies and group work/role plays. Preparation and active participation will be required. Emphasis is placed on the exchange of experiences between the participants and the teachers. The course is conducted in English.


You get access to all relevant material for the cours on our online portal JUC me.

Kurset kan godkendes som obligatorisk efteruddannelse for advokater.

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